Land Use and Environment

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    Encourages redevelopment of brownfields -- abandoned, idled, or underutilized commercial or industrial sites. (Created July 2007)

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    Commercial Linkage Strategies

    A range of programs and fees that tie economic development to the construction of affordable housing. (Created July 2002)

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    Commercial Stabilization

    Techniques employed by organizations to preserve cultural organizations and longstanding commercial enterprises that define the historic character of communities. (Created July 2002)

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    Community Land Trusts

    This alternative property ownership model encourages permanent affordability and wealth-building. (Created June 2001)

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    Community Mapping

    Mapping can be used to advocate for community benefits, convey development opportunities, track vacant properties, and more. (Created April 2001)

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    Community Reinvestment Act

    Congressional mandate that financial institutions help meet credit needs of the communities in which they operate. (Created November 2001)

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    Developers Exactions

    Requires new commercial developments to contribute fees to the development of affordable housing, community services and infrastructure. (Created February 2002)

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    Foreclosed Properties

    Use this tool to steer neighborhoods back to sustainable recovery after foreclosure processes are well underway. (Created July 2009)

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    Housing Trust Funds

    Public funds, established by legislation, ordinance or resolution, to receive specific revenues dedicated to affordable housing development. (Created June 2001)

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    Inclusionary Zoning

    Land use regulation mandating a percentage (usually 15-20%) of the housing units in all larger projects be affordable to people of low and moderate incomes. (Created 2003) 

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    Infill Incentives

    Infill incentives can produce new housing units, reduce blight, preserve open space, reduce traffic, and encourage retail development that serves the needs of existing residents. (Created March 2002)

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    Real Estate Transfer Taxes

    Techniques through which tax regulations can limit two destabilizing practices in low- and moderate-income communities: delinquency and speculation. (Created January 2003)

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    Transit Oriented Development

    How to implement TOD -- mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented communities located around public transit stations -- in a way that achieves equity goals. (Created April 2008)